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10 EASY Tips for Horse Training Success

FORWARD FIXES EVERYTHING. If your horse is not moving willing forward from your leg, you will have problems with steering, stopping, and nearly any other training problem you will encounter. SQUEEZE YOUR HORSES HEAD DOWN WITH YOUR LEGS,... » Read more

Headset verses Collection

The biggest misunderstanding is that when a horse has his head down, neck arched, and is flexed at the poll, that he is collected. The good news is that your horse is framed up, the bad news is he is not collected. The only way a horse can be truly c... » Read more

Training Questionnaire

Question: I'm getting ready to move my 2 year old into a new training barn. I don't want to offend anyone and get off on the wrong foot, but is it ok to ask questions? I don't want any surprises. Answer: With the year just starting, a... » Read more

Doing it Right the First Time

By now I'm sure that many of you have probably seen, read or attended a clinic on the correct, easiest of fastest way to train a horse, unless you have been living under a rock. Most of them are safe and effective for getting the job done over t... » Read more

Benefits of Teaching Your Horse to Stand Tied

The main reason that I like to teach my young horse’s to stand tied is to teach them patience, and to quietly stand until someone comes to get them. Expect your horse to fidget, snort, and whinny or paw I the beginning, but resist the urge to r... » Read more

Bare Backing is Not the Answer

I have heard people tell me the best way to learn how to ride with a balanced seat is to practice riding bare back, aka saddle-less. I believe this is one of the biggest lies in the business. Sometimes I think most people just like to do whatever the... » Read more

Is it You or Your Horse

Just like in any relationship, communication is essential to the success of you and your horse. The simple straight truth is that 95% of most horse problems are truly people problems. It may be the rider's or handler's lack of understanding... » Read more

How to Teach your Horse the Spin

Question: I'm trying to figure out how to teach my horse to spin, what is the easiest way to get them started? I've been having trouble with them wanting to suck back and hop with their front end and not staying on their inside pivot foot. ... » Read more