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Training Questionnaire

Question: I'm getting ready to move my 2 year old into a new training barn. I don't want to offend anyone and get off on the wrong foot, but is it ok to ask questions? I don't want any surprises.

Answer: With the year just starting, and spring being just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about getting your two year olds and futurity prospects into training. So what I've done is compiled a list of questions to ask any prospective trainer, the list will be easy to print and keep handy. Some of these may be ones that you haven't thought to ask.

I hope this list assists in the process of tracking down a trainer that you can feel comfortable with and will trust to do a super job with your baby. The relationship between the trainer and the owner is built on friendship and trust, but above all, it is still a business and honesty is the best policy.

  1. What is your training cost per month?
  2. How often is the horse worked?
  3. Feeding Program
  4. Show fees and expenses
  5. What shots/vaccines/etc. are horses required to have when coming into training?
  6. If a horse is sold while in training, what is your commission rate?
  7. Scheduling Visits
  8. What other information do you require?
  9. What type of notice do you require if a horse will be taken out of training?

  10. Goals

Putting a colt or new horse into training is a very exciting and expensive venture, so be sure that you ask whatever questions are on your mind. Ask; you will really hate yourself when the question that you never ask ends up costing you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Remember that horse training is a free enterprise and every trainer has their own set of rules and standards. So, if you are uncomfortable with them, or their training methods, you don't have to do business there.

As always; Ride Hard, Be Safe, Have Fun - Steve Kutie