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10 Tips to Improve your Scores in Ranch Horse Trail

Know the pattern. Knowing the pattern is key to success in Ranch Horse Trail. If you are timid and unsure about what obstacle you have to ride next, it is nearly impossible to win. A few years ago you could be semi-successful if your horse would... » Read more

10 Tips for a Winning Run in the Reining Show Pen

Understand the pattern. In every reining, the pattern is posted hours, if not days prior to the start of the class, so you should not really have a valid excuse for going off pattern. I know sometimes show nerves effect your ability to think and... » Read more

10 Simple Steps for Finding that Perfect New Reiner

Question: I am a novice rider and want to purchase a reining horse on a shoe string budget. I'm getting all sorts of advice from friends but I'm not sure if I should purchase a green horse or a finished horse. Answer: Looking for the perf... » Read more

How to Prepare for Showing Your Horse

Question: I feel so unprepared prior to entering the ring to show my horse. I watched the other riders and they appear to really know to get ready. What should I do to be better prepared? Answer: After recently attending a Championship show, I watch... » Read more

Warm Up Arena Etiquette and Safety

Question: I have been to a few shows this winter and I am unsure of the proper riding procedure in the warm up pen. Actually I have been run into by a couple of people that were going the wrong way and not paying attention, what can I do? Answer: Th... » Read more