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Warm Up Arena Etiquette and Safety

Question: I have been to a few shows this winter and I am unsure of the proper riding procedure in the warm up pen. Actually I have been run into by a couple of people that were going the wrong way and not paying attention, what can I do?

Answer: The warm up pen is a pretty dangerous place when every rider is concentrating on his or her own program and getting ready for their classes. I will give you some general rules to follow that will make navigating the warm up arena easier and safer for you and your horse.

It is our job as riders to ensure the safety of ourselves, horses and others. Remember that some people don’t know that they don’t know, so take the time to explain to them the proper rules, I would rather them be mad at me for trying to keep them safe than to have them hurt one of my customers or family. RIDE SAFE!

As Always; Ride Hard, Be Safe, Have Fun - Steve Kutie