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General Horse Tips

Lessons In Life

I have always been a pretty motivated and competitive person just about all of my life, and generally lived life as I wanted without too much concern about what others have thought. The horse business, or any business ... » Read more

How to Maintain Your Show Stallion While Breeding

The key to maintaining your show stallion while breeding is to set up two completely different routines and to follow those schedules religiously. In our training program, the stallions are treated like every other horse in the barn and are expected ... » Read more

Selling a Horse in a Sagging Economy

Question: I am looking to sell my horse and not sure of how I should go about it. I have been told that horses are not selling and that I won’t make any money, do you have any suggestions? Answer: It’s true that the horses market is down... » Read more

Choosing the Proper Headstall for a Snaffle Bit & Correct Fit

I have always noticed the small things that people tend to do when it comes to their horses and their choice of equipment, and I have to ask myself: “Do they not know or do they just not care?” Watching people ride in the warm up at a re... » Read more

Getting the Most Out of Your Riding Lesson

Question: I pay $40 per hour for my riding lesson, how do I get the most bang for my buck? Answer: Most professional trainers are providing you with the opportunity to gain valuable information. However, it is your job to listen to what they have to... » Read more

How to Survive and Ride in the Extreme Heat

Well if you happen to live in the south during the summer you know that it can get a tad on the warm side. With Texas experiencing the hottest year on record since the early 80’s, trying to find creative ways to keep your horse safe and cool in... » Read more

How to Become a Professional Horse Trainer

Question: I’m a young up and coming rider and have dreams of becoming a professional trainer after I finish school, I have won quite a bit and feel pretty confident in my abilities, and do you have any suggestions? Answer: Congratulations, I a... » Read more

Moon Blindness

QUESTION: We just received a horse that a customer wants broke. She is 5 and has just started to show signs of moon blindness in her left eye. I have researched this and called the vet to look at it. Do we need to approach training this horse differe... » Read more

Trailer Hauling and Safety Tips

Show season is now in full swing with thousands of trucks and trailers hauling up and down the highways chasing their dreams of winning a Championship or just looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crazy work world. Whatever your reaso... » Read more