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Rein Management

Learn the proper way to manage your reins during a training session. We focus on the proper way to apply ... » Read more

How to Properly Tie a Rope Halter

Learn how to put on a rope halter. We focus on a the proper way to tie the halter and explain the advantages o... » Read more

How to Properly Place a Saddle Pad

Learn how to place your saddle pad before saddling. We focus on the position of the pad and give tips and expl... » Read more

Proper Saddling Technique

Learn how to properly saddle up your horse. We focus on positions of saddle and saddle pad, and explain the or... » Read more

How to Properly Unsaddle Your Horse

Learn how to untack your horse. We focus on showing the proper way of undoing your cinches, and demonstrate ho... » Read more

Tips for Safely Mounting and Dismounting

Learn the proper way how to mount and dismount your horse safely, especially in case of a younger horse that d... » Read more

Hand Position

Learn the proper position for your hands while training session. We demonstrate a comprehensible way that allo... » Read more

Proper Way to Hang Up Bridles

Learn the proper way to hang up your headstall and rein after your riding session without getting a mess into ... » Read more

How to Apply a Splint Boot

Learn the proper way how to apply splint boots. We focus on the right position of the splint boots and explain... » Read more

How to Apply Polo Wraps

Learn the correct way to apply polo wraps that should work as support for your horse´s legs. We demonstr... » Read more