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Sponsors and Partners of Kutie Performance Horses

Logo Twisted X Boots
Twisted X Boots
Twisted X is dedicated to making better boots. They've spent a lot of time and energy in the design and developoment process and use newer technology, stronger and lighter weight components, new tanning processes, as well as newer and more consistent manufacturing techniques.
Cutter Classic Saddle Blankets
CCSB has been making top quality saddle blankets here in Marietta, OK for performance horse exhibitors and ranch cowboys. Using 100% Merino Wool fleece under woven wool blankets, sewing hospital bed padding in between and adding good quality wear-leathers has made for a saddle pad that also serves ropers, barrel racers, cow horse and stock horse competitors and serious trail riders. We feel confident that we solve the problem of the sore-backed horse and can keep your saddle from shifting or your pad from slipping while giving you the convenience of a tough everyday pad that looks great in the show pen for years. Although we are a small company, we are increasing our production and have many design and color choices at all times. These pads are also popular as awards and can be made with custom corner plates, custom leatherwork, brands, etc.
Formulated with a light, refreshing cucumber-spa fragrance, the European inspired Espana line of silk grooming products has been developed to provide superior conditioning and moisturizing for horses of all ages. Using Silk as part of your grooming routine promotes healthy, silky coats, manes and tails while also providing protective and healing properties. Espana Silk products are made with the finest and safest ingredients available and have been formulated to hydrate and reduce static, to bring out the natural luster of manes, tails and coats.
The FlowBoot protects, supports, and allows full movement and circulation.  Researchers found that horses tend to bear more wait on the limbs equipped with a FlowBoot compared to the limbs that were not protected. When the FlowBoots are on both forelimbs, there is no indication that they restrict gait in any way. This is excellent, as most boots cause changes in gait due to weight or restriction of joint range of motion or both.
JW Brooks Custom Hats
J.W. Brooks is a hat maker that does not just turn out another cowboy hat. Each hat is a work of art. Each custom hat is crafted by western artist, J.W. Brooks, dedicated toward the perfection of quality, style, look and feel with a concentration on the significance of true western individualism. He believes even though cowboys and western heritage seem to be classed under one heading, the true meanings are defined by the individual character and style. With millions of people throughout the years, separating themselves from everyone else by even the slightest modification to one of the most historical icons through history, the cowboy hat has no limitations. With only your imagination being the limit, there is no one else to trust in your pursuit of style than JW Brooks.
Kathy's Show Equipment
Kathy's Show Equipment is a family owned and operated company dedicated to the avid horse person! We at Kathy's hope to exceed your expectations in our custom awards and quality of Silver Tack Products that we make in California. We love all our customers input and comments, so please email us at any time!
Snaffle Bit Clothing & Tack Co.
A clothing company that allows you to show your pride and passion for your favorite equine discipline.  Tee shirts and Hoodies that are comfortable and fashionable. Snaffle Bit Tack Company also strives to bring you the best selection of custom saddles, reins, bits, show blankets, and headstalls at an affordable price.
Jerry Shaw Custom Saddles
As a CUSTOM SADDLE MAKER from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, we build high quality handcrafted custom saddles and tack for everything you can do “western” on a horse. Whether you are a cowboy or cowgirl at heart or one who earns a living horseback, you’ll enjoy visiting our SADDLE GALLERIES of uniquely beautiful but undeniably serviceable tools of the cowboy trade. Whatever your chosen discipline or riding style, you’ll find the saddle of your dreams from one of our galleries.
ForeFront Equine
ForeFront Equine is a family owned and operated business. We understand the level of love, devotion, time, and energy that goes into taking care of horses and dogs. Like you, we live it every day and like you, we love it, too.
Kidder Design Group
Kidder Design Group is a Full service creative agency providing its customers with comprehensive marketing solutions from concept to completion. Maintaining a diverse staff ensures that your designs look just as great in real life as they do on paper. In house production insures quick turn around and quality assurance! From a simple logo to a complete restaurant build, we are with you every step of the way!
Bluebonnet Feeds
The superior choice in equine nutrition is Intensify. All Intensify feeds contain Bluebonnet’s 'Intensify Technology' which combines cutting edge nutrition with high quality ingredients and specialized milling processes to create one of the most advanced equine feeds on the market. These feeds are designed for safe growth, performance, breeding, and maintenance horses of all ages. Intensify Feeds contain specific ingredients to support gastrointestinal health which may reduce the chances of colic, ulcers, and pH imbalances. All Intensify feeds are formulated with reduced carbohydrate levels and elevated levels of fat from 'Cool Energy' calorie sources. Exceptional health, conditioning and performance can be expected when using Intensify feeds.