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"My local Riding club organized a group clinic with optional private session with Steve recently. Initially I signed up for the private hour session because I am somewhat skeptical of anything other than English classical riding techniques -Texan Cowboy didn"t fit my usual type of trainer! I was told there wouldn"t be ground work - my pet hate is groundwork because I really need to get on and ride with two kids I am busy and I just find that stuff boring. When Steve asked what I wanted to work on " everything" came to mind because I have a 4 year old Anglo Trakehner mare who has a lot of questions and challenges for me, and she"s my first young horse, overall I really wanted more concentration and roundness. Steve was great at seeing within one minute of my warm up I was just doing too much and not giving clear signals and rewards. Steve rode my mare so I could see she could do what I wanted and it made it easier for me to see what I needed to do, some people didn"t need that but I did - I do like to see people demonstrate, I am more of a "monkey see - monkey do" type Without spoiling your session with him I will tell you he gave me a few simple easy tools that my mare very quickly learnt and was relaxed with. My mare was never pushed or forced into anything, everything was her choice. Following my "transformation lesson" I signed up for the all day clinic with obstacles and it was a great confidence builder for both of us. Everyone"s horses had different issues so it"s great to see the techniques applied and work for all sorts of horses and situations. Since the clinic I have far less spooking ( even on windy days which previously I hung up my bridle for) Much more concentration especially around other horses so now I may even try a schooling show now that"s under control, she is so light in my hand, I am not exhausted anymore, she"s bending well and going forward from behind. I jumped her yesterday and she can be a little flat and "giraffe like" but the increased bend has meant a much better approach, rounder jump and more balanced turn after. I don"t have to " half halt" anymore which is quite incredible. My position is better now I can sit up more because I am not carrying her in my hand. I have even ridden on new trails on my own which previously I was too scared to do because she got very nervous but as soon as I apply the method she seems to trust me and go through whatever is scary. I cannot thank Steve enough and the girls who convinced me to do it and who organized it all. "Good horsemanship is good horsemanship no matter what the discipline" as a local trainer told me - and yes that"s it in a nutshell. I said I don"t do " cowboy stuff" well I won"t be so judgmental of cowboy hats and spurs! I had a fun time and I feel more confident and connected to my horse, everyone got something out of it - really was amazing to watch too. Can"t wait for the next one!"
Sally from Barrington, Illinois (Fri, 09/01/2017)
"Steve, my horses in general after being up there, are riding better than they have in years. THANK YOU, for the help and a new desire, I need to come back up and spend more time with you!"
R. from Carbon, Texas (Thu, 07/27/2017)
"I really like your way of training to nice and soft gentle."
Cryss from South Yunderup, Western Australia (Wed, 02/08/2017)
"Dear Steve, I have been following you on Facebook for awhile now and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for representing what horsemanship should be and keeping the humor in it while always encouraging better horsemanship. I really enjoy your motivational Mondays and training tip Tuesdays. They are always spot on. You"ve become a role model for me and one day I aspire to have a training business just like yours."
Taylor from Aspen, Colorado (Mon, 12/05/2016)