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Kutie Performance Horses - Dedicated to the Cause of Being Great Everyday

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"Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it last forever. -  Lance Armstrong"
Kutie Performance Horses is a full service training facility located in Bowie, Texas. It is home of multiple World and National Champion trainer, Steve Kutie. Steve's background in Dressage has given him the skills to be successful in Dressage, Reining, Stock Horse, as well as allowed him to represent the United States in Cali, Colombia for Working Equitation, earning a Team Silver medal. His focus on building a proper foundation has allowed his customers to win numerous championships and year end titles at the top levels of their chosen disciplines. At Kutie Performance Horses we believe that having fun is just as important as winning.
"As Always; Ride Hard, Be Safe, and Have Fun." - Steve Kutie

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(Sat, 07/22/2017) Congratulations to Jennifer Flanagan and Smart Zone for winning the Grade 2, Para Reining at the NRHA Derby.

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Sat 05 Aug
Stock Horse of Texas, SHOT
Sweetwater, Texas

Fri 11 Aug
Sun 13 Aug
Anti-Gimmick Ranch Horse/ Reining/ Trail Clinic Aiken, South Carolina
Aiken, South Carolina
Contact: Susan White, Phone: 618-406-9335

Steve Kutie Anti-Gimmick intro to Ranch Riding and Reining with Trail Course Funndamentals Clinic, power by ForeFront Equine Nutrition, in Aiken South Carolina.

This clinic is beginer friendly that will cover all the basic fundamentals skills that are required to successfully train/fix/maintain your horse as well as intoduce you to the show requirements of Trail/Reining/Ranch Riding. You will learn to solve problems and develop that basic skills that are n...essary to develop a successful and willing partnership with your horse.

This is the first time in South Carolina, and there are only a limited number of rider spots left.

Cost: $300 for 3 day clinic, Stalls $20 per night (shavings included)
FREE lunch provided to all entered
Auditors welcome

Clinic Location: Wild Rose Performance Horses
3444 SC HWY 19 Trenton, South Carolina 29847

Sponsors: Cummings Insurance, Blair Cummings, Wild Rose Performance Horses, ForeFront Equine Nutrition, SteveKutie.com.

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"I really like your way of training to nice and soft gentle."
Cryss from South Yunderup, Western Australia (Wed, 02/08/2017)
"Dear Steve, I have been following you on Facebook for awhile now and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for representing what horsemanship should be and keeping the humor in it while always encouraging better horsemanship. I really enjoy your motivational Mondays and training tip Tuesdays. They are always spot on. You"ve become a role model for me and one day I aspire to have a training business just like yours."
Taylor from Aspen, Colorado (Mon, 12/05/2016)

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Horse Poor, Family Rich - Trailer

Horse based reality TV show centered around the Kutie family and their friends and the exciting and fun adventures that they encounter on a daily basis trying to be successful at raising a family while trying to make a living in the horse business.